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Aarya Minerals (Pvt) Ltd is a Manufacturer in Pashmina shawls,Pashmina Stoles,Pashmina Sweaters,Pashmina blankets,Bannie,caps,woolen products,clothing,T-Shirt,Alladin trousers,Patch Trousers,Elephant Trousers,Skirts,ladies dress,swiming wears,etc,Exporter/trade in wheat bran flakes/fines,wheat bran pellets,Yellow corn bran for cattle feeding,wheat flour,lentils, Chrome ore,Drinking Minerals water and other minerals, Our main products are Pashmina products and clothing but we also offer an extensive range of all type of commodoties as per client's requirements. Our primary supply of commodoties from Nepal and African Origin. We also offer,chrome ore,Zinc,Lead, Nickel ore, Copper ore, and Manganese ore from other African Countries. Our Minerals Export division is focused on Quality raw materials and we offer some of the world’s best quality of ore from African Countries. Our suppliers/Producer of raw material is carefully selected for their quality control and highest techniques and we use only the best technology in the world to offer according to buyer’s specification possible. Aarya Minerals (Pvt) Ltd is a privately owned company and a family business with expertise in mining/production/delivery over 7 years. We established company 2013AD in South Africa and Nepal.
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